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Frequently asked Questions


1. Who can buy from Sportstrade B2B?
Business people can buy from Sportstrade B2B. We don't sell to private people.

2. How to order of Sportstrade B2B?
Please contact us by phone: +49 (0)391/81901915 or by e-mail: b2b@xtrade-gmbh.de.
Let us know the article description/article code and the quantity you like to order. We will make you an offer on all prices.

3. How to get the latest offers of Sportstrade B2B (Newsletter)?
All registered customers get our latest offers by e-mail.
The receipt of our newsletter is completely non-binding for you and can be canceled at any time
by e-mail using the unsubscribe link contained in the newsletter.

4. What kinds of paying are available?
You can make a pre-payment or pay cash by picking up your goods in our warehouse.

5. How we deliver the packages?
All items will be delivered as registered packages by DHL. Bigger quantities will be send by transporting company.

6. What costs the shipping?
The shipping costs depend on the product, quantity and destination. We try to keep shipping costs as low as possible.
Please ask for your individual transport costs.

7. Do I get an information after Sportstrade B2B shipped my goods?
After shipping your goods, you get an e-mail. All packages can be tracked by the package number.

8. Is Sportstrade B2B dealing with genuine goods only?
The Sportstrade B2B sells genuine stocks only! You get an invoice includes all important data.

9. What will happen to my data?
We save your data in our local system for order processing only. Your data will not be given to someone else.

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